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IconFloor Area Changes
IconInvestment Scenarios
IconUsers, Roles and Security
IconSecurity Domains
IconDefining a Role
IconStandard Roles
IconData Context
IconSetting Up a New User
IconVisibility and Availability of Roles and Users
IconWhich Users Can I See?
IconWhere Was the Role Defined?
IconUser Profile Settings
IconModule 1 - Energy Accounting
IconBuildings & Meters Tab
IconFacility Setup
IconGeneral Facility Information
IconFacility Codes
IconAssigning Facility Groups
IconAssigning Alternate Identifers
IconHVAC Zones
IconCentral Plant Overview
IconControls Overview
IconLighting Overview
IconEnergy Star Facility Attributes
IconDefining a Meter
IconGeneration Meters
IconInterval Readings
IconImporting Interval Data Spreadsheets
IconMoving a Meter
IconBaseline Modeling
IconHow a Baseline is Calculated
IconTwo Types of Baseline Models
IconWeather-Normalized Reporting
IconAccounts & Invoices Tab
IconDefining Utility Providers
IconUsing Tariffs
IconDefining Utility Accounts
IconStructure of Utility Invoices
IconBuilding Tariffs with Components
IconMeter Components
IconMeter Components vs User-Defined Components
IconRecommended Practices
IconUser Defined Components
IconInline If
IconTimeSpan Function
IconObject Types
IconDateTime Object Type
IconTimeSpan Object Type
IconFractionOf Method
IconDateRange Object Type
IconInPeriod Method
IconFractionInPeriod Method
IconDaysInPeriod Method
IconUtilityBill Object Type
IconReading Group Object Type
IconInterval Meter Tariff Expressions
IconInterval Meter Tariff Example
IconMultiple Meters in a Tariff
IconTariffs with Rates Varying by Consumption
IconExamples of simple formulas
IconExamples of more complex formulas
IconTest Tariff
IconInvoice Key Entry
IconInvoice Validation
IconImporting Utility Invoices
IconImport Spreadsheet Layout
IconImport Profiles
IconMoving an Account
IconAccount Accruals
IconModule 2 - Building Operations
IconSurvey Forms
IconMechanical Survey Entry
IconLighting Data
IconLighting Survey
IconLighting Survey Fields
IconModule 3 - Conservation and Renewal
IconOpportunities Tab
IconOpportunities and Measures
IconPricing Information
IconExisting System
IconEnergy Savings
IconScenario Options
IconLighting Retrofits
IconConsumable Lighting Components
IconRoll Up Lighting Opportunity
IconAdvanced Analysis Tab
IconFacility Variables
IconFacility Variable Values
IconAdvanced Baseline Modeling
IconThe Baseline Model Interface
IconAdvanced Modeling
IconMeter Modeling Standard
IconOutputs - Dashboards, Reports, Exports
IconEnergy Accounting Outputs
IconEAA01 Account Accruals
IconEAC01 Account Cost Rollup
IconEAD01 Account Details
IconEEC01 Energy Consumption
IconEEI01 Energy Intensity
IconEEM01 Emissions
IconEEM02 Emissions Performance
IconEEM03 Emissions Intensity
IconEEP01 Energy Performance
IconEFC01 Facility Changes
IconEFD01 Facility Details
IconEIT01 Utility Invoice Import Template
IconEMR01 Meter Readings
IconEUC01 Utility Consumption
IconEUP01 Utility Performance
IconRBA02 Invoice Ledger
IconRBA07 Invoice Validation
IconRBA08 Year to Year Comparison - Cost
IconRCM04 Energy Intensity Ranking
IconREA02 Energy Intensity Metric Comparison
IconREA04 Consumption By Facility
IconREA07 Meter Component Performance
IconREA09 Consumption by Performance Detail
IconREA12 Baseline Modeling Status
IconREM04 Emissions Performance
IconRPM01 Facility Groups
IconRPM02 Facility Overview
IconRPM04 Media Log
IconRSU02 Facility (Independent) Variables
IconBuilding Operations Outputs
IconRPD03 Hot Water or Steam Heating Plant
IconRPD04 Domestic Hot Water Plant
IconRPD05 Furnace
IconRPD06 Baseboard/Electric Heat/Unit Heaters/Etc
IconRPD07 Heat Pump Water Loop
IconRPD08 Chilled Water Plant
IconRPD09 Interior Air Handler
IconRPD10 Interior Air Handler Multi Zone
IconRPD11 Rooftop Air Handler
IconRPD12 Exhaust Fans
IconRPD13 Building Envelope
IconRPD14 Arena
IconRPD15 Indoor Swimming Pool
IconRPD16 Environmental Conditioning Unit
IconRPD17 Water Meters & Fixtures
IconRPD18 Special Use or Exceptional Equipment
IconConservation & Renewal Outputs
IconECS01 Consumption Summary
IconEWE01 Heating & Cooling Export
IconRCM01 Energy Intensity Comparison
IconREA03 Baseline Model Details
IconREA10 Drift (CUSUM) Analysis
IconROP04 Opportunity Financial Analysis
IconROP05 Opportunity Implementation Status
IconROP06 Life Cycle Costing Analysis
IconROP08 Opportunity Details
IconRSU04 Baseline Model Setup
IconNumber Formats

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