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History of the ManagingEnergy Service

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  rev. 2014-05-07 (MEC) has been developed over a 20-year period, first to streamline and improve the services of Efficiency Engineering Inc. (EEI), an established professional services firm specializing in building energy efficiency, and more recently as a stand-alone software produce sold on a subscription basis.

Working together over that time and applying the evolving service on a long series of real-world projects, our team of building scientists, engineers, and software developers has developed MEC into a suite of leading edge information tools specific to the energy management industry.

Over the years, the platform has evolved to deliver best available services to the markets we serve.

1994 - Microsoft Word templates and macro-driven spreadsheets. Could not handle weather and other variables, and they couldn't handle irregular or missing invoices effectively.

1996 - Microsoft Access linked to another desktop energy accounting package.

1998 -Microsoft SQL Server database, with Microsoft Access user interface.

2002 - Citrix portal for remote users.  This proved to be difficult to support.

2005-2009 - Migration to Web 2.0 User Interface into Microsoft SQL Server database.

2006 - Managing Energy Inc. (MEI) formed as a separate company.

2009 - Software as a Service on a single-instance, multi-tenant platform.

2011 - MEI is acquired by Noesis Energy of Austin, Texas.  Noesis uses the core MEC technology to develop online tools and managed services for the broad market.  The Canadian office remains in Cambridge, Ontario to support and deliver MEC to Canadian clients.


                                    ManagingEnergy has been used in thousands of buildings, accounting for hundreds of millions of square feet of floor space.  The ManagingEnergy system helps facility owners save energy costs, reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions, renew building infrastructure, and live up to environmental goals.


Who Owns the System?

Managing Energy Inc. (MEI) was formed as a separate corporation in early 2006, with the purpose of marketing and supporting ManagingEnergy globally.  MEI is the owner of the source code and intellectual property.  Upon formation, we immediately began a major development effort to move the system from an internal application in use by a set of established clients, to the more widely accessible enterprise system we have today.

ManagingEnergy subscribers are accessing a growing network of channel partners to deliver local services to building owners everywhere.


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