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Existing System

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The Existing System tab is used to describe the existing equipment and estimate the remaining life expectancy.  Life-Cycle Costing also requires an estimate of the cost of an exact replacement for the existing equipment once its useful life is over.  This information is used to assemble the energy audit report and the Life Cycle Costing report.

The Existing Conditions should include a discussion of the existing situation and why it is using excess energy.  The Annual Costs (other than energy) box is used to describe existing system operating costs, for comparison against retrofit operating costs.


                                  Include Annual Costs (other than energy) only in the amount that they exceed operating costs for the Opportunity.  This box is mathematically the same as Additional Annual Savings (Other Than Energy) under Retrofit Recommendations.  Be careful to allow for an operating cost difference in only one of the two places, or it will be counted twice.



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