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Module 2 - Building Operations

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The second module in ManagingEnergy deals with the details on the other side of the meter; specific information about building usage, systems, equipment, and operating practices that influence energy use.  This information pertains to mechanical systems, electrical systems, building envelope, water fixtures, and usage patterns (occupancy schedules, production, staff activities, etc).

Subscribing to the Building Operations module adds the Physical Details tab to the user interface.



This information is necessary for a thorough energy audit, and is also very useful for communicating with site staff and service contractors.

The facility tree provides direct access to mechanical systems and components, arranged in a logical hierarchy and sorted according to the legend on the right.

To open an equipment-specific form for any system or component, select it in the tree and click the Edit button in the Tasks Area.  To create a new system, select the facility and click on the appropriate entry button.


Buttons/Feature Specific To The Physical Details Tab

Context sensitive buttons when the Portfolio Tree is selected.

Portfolio Tree with a single Portfolio selected:





Illumination Levels


Context sensitive buttons when the Facility Tree is selected.

Facility Tree with a single Facility selected:

Facility Tree with a single Physical Detail selected

There are 17 Physical Detail Buttons from HotWater/Steam Heating to Water Meters and Fixtures that are available

Edit <Physical Detail Name>

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