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Number Formats

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  rev. 2010-11-05        

Numbers on reports and the user interface are formatted in almost all cases to display five of significant figures (before or after the decimal place).  This works well for numbers in the range of 0.0001 to 10,0000.

Very Small Numbers

For numbers less than 1 there can be up to three leading zeros after the decimal.  For tiny numbers, where the number of leading zeros after the decimal would be four or more, MEC uses scientific notation.  For example, the Unit Converter tool would give the following values as unit conversions for 1 cubic centimeter.

3.5315e-07 Ccf

3.5315e-05 ft³

0.061024 in³

1e-06 m³

0.00021997 gal

0.00026417 usgal

2.1997e-07 ImpKGal

0.001 L

3.5315e-08 Mcf

Very Large Numbers

Numbers 10,000 or greater will always be represented as integers.




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