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Defining Utility Providers

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You will need to have Utility Providers and Tariffs in place before you can properly define utility accounts.  ManagingEnergy provides a standard list of Utility Providers and Tariffs, but you can also define your own.

From the Portfolio Node in the Portfolio Tree, click the Utility Providers button, it is available in the Work Area from all Module Tabs.  You will see an alphabetical list of providers which can be filtered with the text box at the top left of the screen.

Utility Provider Details

Pick a utility provider from the list, or click the New Provider button, then fill in the details.

Utility Provider Details


Company Name


Customer Service Phone

The phone number to call to deal with invoice exceptions and other concerns.

Customer Service Email

The email address to deal with invoice exceptions and other concerns.


Descriptive notes for the utility provider.  Could include, for example, expected invoice frequency, or the name of a particularly helpful customer service agent.


Global Utility Providers are defined by Managing Energy Inc. and provided with the ManagingEnergy subscription.  When this box is checked the Utility Provider is available to all Portfolios within the Database.  Alternatively when it is not checked the provider is local to the Portfolio it was created in.

Once a Utility Provider is made Global the Check Box can not be edited.  To change a Global Utility Provider to a local provider only you would need to remove (if you have permission) and recreate as a local provider.


                                    Notice that there is no place to specify the utility type when defining a Utility Provider.  Although most providers deal with a single utility, many provide more than one utility service.  ManagingEnergy allows Utility Providers to be associated with any number of utility types.


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