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EEI01 Energy Intensity

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  rev. 2011-10-07        

The Energy Intensity Export contains Intensity Values each month data is available, with a reference to the appropriate Fiscal date. The export is in Microsoft Excel xls format. See the Energy Intensity chapter in the Background section for how it is calculated.

The user can specify a date range when selecting the export, otherwise all available information is used. The data can also be aggregated by facility or by all data, or can be viewed rolled up by month, calendar, or fiscal year.

Calculations cannot be completed if the floor area of the facility is listed as zero. If a period of data is unavailable in this export, ensure that the floor area is set to a value greater than zero.

To produce a report with the intensity for each year in a reporting period, you can use EEI01 and the resolution Calendar Year, and it will be broken out for each individual year.


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