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Tariffs with Rates Varying by Consumption

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  rev. 2011-03-30        

The following example is for a utility with a more complex tariff structure. Items of note include:

1) This tariff allows for prorating across a date where rates will change. NG_CommEarlier would be the rate for consumption in the first part of the billing period; NG_CommLater would be the newer price/m3. The NG_PriceChangeDate is the date at which this change occurs.

If the invoice had the reading dates of December 3 to January 3, the tariff would calculate 28 days at the earlier rate, and 3 days at the new rate.

2) There is a sliding delivery rate by volume. The SumOfTiers function will calculate the total cost for this tiered rate structure.

The first 100m3 will be charged at 3.7644 cents/m3. The next 150 m3 will be charged at 3.5579 cents/m3. Anything above 250 m3 will be charged at 3.0694 cents/m3.


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