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The Recommendations tab contains written information about the proposed retrofit  project, including description, useful life, assumptions, any additional non-energy related costing, and pricing information.   This text will  include:

an outline of the opportunity, including its impact on occupant health, comfort, and safety
a description of any repairs required for the retrofit to be effective
the impact (positive or negative) on service capabilities (e.g. ventilation of off-hours occupancy, year-round mechanical cooling)

An estimate of the useful service life of the opportunity is necessary for life cycle costing calculations such as Return on Investment and Net Present Value.

Additional Annual Costs and Savings

More often than not there are other costs associated with implementing a new system.  For example, there might be an added maintenance requirement, or a savings in water treatment chemicals.  Because these are outside of energy-related effects that ManagingEnergy can calculate internally, they must be entered manually under Additional Annual Costs and Additional Annual Savings.



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