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Account Accruals

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  rev. 2011-03-14        

Account Accruals can be calculated from invoice data already in the ManagingEnergy system in order to determine accumulated expenses between the last billing period entered and the end of a future financial period. This will allow for an estimate of an invoice amount in the future.

The accrual process takes the most recent invoice prior to the accrual period and determines the daily cost. It then uses this daily cost to and the number of days in the accrual period to determine the accrual amount.

In a case where there are  63 days in the previous  period where $94.50 was invoiced, the daily cost would be $1.50. If the next period were for 61 days, the estimated expense accrual would be $91.50.

To calculate accruals in ManagingEnergy, select a Facility in the Facility Tree.

Choose the second tab, Accounts & Invoices, then Exports.

The Account Accruals link will open a pop-up window where you can enter the date range you would like to calculate the accrual form.  After clicking Done, the accruals export will open automatically in Microsoft Excel.


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