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Subscription Levels

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Like other enterprise systems, ManagingEnergy is available as a series of modules.  Each module is a broad functional area of the application defining a specific set of program capabilities available to the subscribing organization.  Customers can subscribe to only the modules they need, and then upgrade to greater functionality at any time.

Three Modules

Module 1 - Energy Accounting

Manages information dealing with utility consumption, meter readings, and utility invoices.  It competes with traditional installed energy accounting software packages.

Module 2 - Building Operations

Deals with operating practices, site observations, and the details of energy-using systems and equipment within the facilities.  This module houses the information commonly collected on-site during energy audits; but which can also be effectively used for a variety of day-to-day collaborative operational activities.

Module 3 - Conservation and Renewal

Allows building owners and service providers to fully describe conservation and retrofit opportunities, to track their implementation, and then to monitor and verify the impact on utility invoices.  Within this module, building owners review the equipment, operating practices, and utility analysis results to uncover opportunities for energy savings.  Energy savings can result from lighting upgrades, fuel conversions, equipment replacement, new installations, control system adjustments, or any other type of investment opportunity that impacts on building systems or operating practices.  Much of this work is typically done with the help of a professional energy auditor.


                                                                Roles and Permissions

The setup of user roles and permissions is a further refinement of the modular system.  Modules define the set of program capabilities available to the subscribing organization.  Roles and permissions define the specific set of facilities, features, and reports available to each particular user in the organization.  The subscription manager within the subscribing organization can set up a new user, or change the role of an existing user, at any time.


Functional Matrix

The following functions are available in the three modules.  Applicable Reports and Dashboards are provided with all three modules.

Module 1 - Energy Accounting

Module 2 - Building Operations

Module 3 - Conservation and Renewal

Facility Details

Lighting Inventory and Lighting Technology Database

Lighting Upgrade Analysis

Invoice Entry and Storage

Mechanical Systems and Equipment Inventory

Conservation Opportunities Definition

Meter Readings (Including Interval Readings)

Energy Auditing On-Site Process Templates

Conservation Opportunities Document Management

Automatic Baseline Creation

Equipment and Operations Document Management

Conservation Program Planning

Facility Comparisons

Energy Audit Reporting

Conservation Performance Tracking

Weather Normalization

Drift (CUSUM) Analysis

Facility Variable (Production Variable) Normalization

Tariff Modeling

Energy Star Rating

Invoice Validation

Carbon Footprint

Facility Metrics (For Drill-Down Comparisons)

Energy Performance Tracking

Tracking Against Enterprise Objectives




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