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Lighting Survey

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Select the Lighting Survey Data button from the main screen to enter lighting survey data.  Fill in information from  and add records by working down the page.  The columns on this screen should exactly match the data collection paper forms used by the site surveyors.  Most fields have drop-down pick lists for components or details.

Each record represents any quantity of one fixture/lamp/ballast (FLB) combination in a single room, meaning there will be one record for each FLB combination in each room, and possibly several records for a single room.  Most commonly, however, even large rooms will have only a single record where all of the fixtures in the room are exactly the same.


                                  Reliable illumination measurements must be taken when and where there is no possibility of daylight supplementing the artificial light.  That often means doing it at night.


In most cases, the definition of a room is quite obvious, but there are some situations left to the discretion of the site surveyor.  For example the SC2 - South Corridor Floor 2 could be designated as a room.  EC2 – East Corridor Floor 2 could be another room, even though the south corridor and east corridor are physically joined with no doorway between them.  The surveyor might even decide to refer to all corridors on a floor as one room – it doesn't really matter for ManagingEnergy internal operation, but may have some impact on the clarity of the information required for construction management.  If this is a consideration, a greater number of smaller, more tightly defined rooms would be better.

A full and complete lighting survey can be quite time consuming; however an accurate survey is better for reliable costing and savings calculations and for effective project management during implementation.  If you choose to approximate, that is a valid decision, but it will impact follow-up activities.


                                                            Lighting User Codes Save Time.

If you find that a lighting surveyor is not using codes, encourage them to do so. The codes will make both the data collection and the data entry jobs faster and easier.


To reduce the time to collect and enter the survey data, ManagingEnergy provides a feature called User Codes.  User codes are user-defined codes that are used to specify a common FLB combination.  Enter a unique user code the first time a particular FLB combination appears.  From that point on, each new record for the same FLB combination can be represented simply by the user code and a quantity.  Note that operating schedules will be copied from the first record, so they may have to be altered at this point.  Though not absolutely necessary, user codes will greatly speed up the site survey and the data entry process.



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