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Import Profiles

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The invoice import process is flexible enough to accept wide variations in spreadsheet layout.  ManagingEnergy can accept spreadsheets exported from accounting systems or invoice payment services without little or no modification.  Field names in the spreadsheet do not have to match Tariff Component names.  The field columns do not have to be in any particular order, and ManagingEnergy will ignore extra columns that do not need to be stored.

Internally, ManagingEnergy keeps track of Import Profiles associated with each User, which are used to match fields from a spreadsheet to Tariff Components.  Import profiles are hidden lists of name pairs that correlate spreadsheet columns with the Tariff Components that ManagingEnergy expects to see.  They are created and updated using a field matching form that appears during the spreadsheet import process.

There are three record-keeping fields included in all Import Profiles: Billing Date, Bill Due Date, and Reading Estimated.  The two dates are used for workflow, and Reading Estimated is a flag indicating those times when a guess is used rather than an actual reading.  Reading Estimated is a True/False value, and by default is False for all invoice entries.  Estimated readings are either True or T.  Actual readings are specified by False or F.



                                    There is no need for users to manage or remember Import Profiles; it all happens behind the scenes.  Any time you match a spreadsheet column against Tariff Component, your import profiles are updated automatically.  ManagingEnergy uses spreadsheet column names as identifiers and remembers the first time you match a column to a Tariff Component.  If you use consistent spreadsheet layouts, all fields will be matched automatically after the first time through.


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