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Facility Metrics

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Facility metrics are quantifiable attributes that have an influence on utility use and change infrequently, if at all.  Metrics are used to find and compare similar facilities within large sets.

Examples of typical Metrics:

Number of Beds (in a hospital or nursing home)
Number of Suites (in an apartment building)
Number of Classrooms (in a school)

Metrics are defined at the Portfolio level in the Portfolio Tree under the Buildings & Meters tab.   Assigned Metric values to each Facility individually in the Facility Tree.  There is no need to assign a value for every Metric to every Facility, and in fact a single Metric might only apply to a few facilities in a portfolio.


                                                              The main difference between a Facility Metric and a Facility Variable is the frequency that they change.

Metrics are used primarily to identify and compare similar facilities.  They stay constant for long periods.   ManagingEnergy does not record the history of changes to a metric, and does not use them in baseline models or performance calculations.

Variables are used to track the performance of facilities over time. They can change as often as every billing period.  ManagingEnergy records the history of variable changes, and uses them when creating baseline models and within performance calculations.


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