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Energy Star Facility Attributes

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  rev. 2011-07-28        

Managing Energy Inc. (MEI) is a US-EPA** Energy Star Partner, and ManagingEnergy has been integrated with the Energy Star Automated Benchmarking Service (ABS).


                                                               The Energy Star ABS service provides a number from 1 to 100, representing the relative energy efficiency of a facility compared against other similar facilities.  Higher is better, so a score of 40 means the facility is more efficient than 40% of similar facilities.  A score of 80 means the facility is more efficient than 80% of similar facilities.

The ManagingEnergy integration with ABS is completely hands-off, which means the necessary information is sent automatically to Energy Star, and the results come back automatically and without user intervention.  ManagingEnergy sends revised energy and background information periodically, so that benchmark ratings will change over time as utility performance changes.

ABS requires background information in order to classify each facility for rating.  Navigate to the Facility Node under the Facility Tree and click the Energy Star button. The Energy Star page contains entry fields for the facility attributes required by Energy Star ABS.  Hover over any of the field labels for an explanation of what is required.


                                    US-EPA changes the requirements of the ABS service from time to time.  MEI is committed to keeping ManagingEnergy current, so that benchmarking will continue to be transparent to subscribers.

MEI continues to monitor the evolution of other building rating systems, such as the ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient, and will develop compatible functionality as they become widely-recognized and accepted.


** United States Environmental Protection Agency

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