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Alternate Identifiers

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ManagingEnergy provides many pre-defined fields for storing data common to most building, however  you may already have a record-keeping system using other identifiers or codes assigned to buildings.  To cover this situation, ManagingEnergy includes a convenient feature called Alternate Identifiers, to allow users to assign owner-specific identifiers to facilities.

There is no limit to the number of Alternate Identifiers that can be associated with a facility, although each must be unique to a Facility.  After selecting the Portfolio Node in the Portfolio Tree, define the Alternate Identifier Type.  From that point you can assign Alternate Identifiers to individual facilities through the Facility Tree.

Aside from storing legacy information unique to your organization, Alternate Identifiers are useful for filtering facility selection lists on the Facility Tree.  If you have many buildings, this is handy for quickly locating a particular building.  Alternate Identifiers do not have to be unique, so they can also be used for selecting subsets of buildings with the same (or similar) identifying codes.

Alternate Identifiers may seem similar to Facility Groups, but are they not as powerful.  They do create navigation nodes on the Facility Tree and therefore cannot be used to group facilities for reports, dashboards, and  exports.


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