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Accounts & Invoices Tab

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  rev. 2011-02-07        

The Accounts & Invoices tab deals with Utility Accounts and Invoices associated with those accounts.


                                    If the Buildings & Meters tab can be thought of as meter readings and engineering analysis, the Accounts & Invoices tab corresponds to accounts, invoices, and financial analysis.  The two tabs are related but not tightly connected.

All ManagingEnergy subscribers use Buildings & Meters functionality.  Most, but not all, use Accounts & Invoices functionality.

The two billing data entry options are available from this screen under Task Related Activities.

Buttons/Feature Specific To The Accounts & Invoices Tab

Context sensitive buttons when the Facility Tree is selected.

Facility Tree with a single Facility selected:

Facility Tree with a single Account selected

Add Account

Edit Account

Import Utility Invoices

Remove Account

View Utility Invoices

Alternate Identifiers




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