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General Facility Information

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The General Facility Information tab requests data relating to age, location, size, and contact personnel.  Most of the information contained in this section is self-explanatory.  Items that require more detail are explained below.


Tips for defining a Facility Code.



The Validate Button confirms the address using the Bing mapping web service and assigns the closest Weather Stations.

Weather Station details, and the difference of a TMY weather station.


Floor Area

Check the Derived Floor Area check box if you used a calculation to estimate the floor area (i.e., the number is not very reliable), or you have intentionally increased or decreased the floor area for some reason.  The text box next to the check box is used for comments related to the floor area number, including the nature of any derived floor areas.

Some validation rules restrict users from entering incorrect data.  For example, the Floor Area field requires numeric data.  Text will not be accepted in this field.



Do not enter any characters other than numbers. 1972 will be understood. Entering in "1972?" will cause the value to be lost when you click Done.


Contact Information

In the Contact Information section, the Manager and Operator Change link allows contacts to be assigned from the ManagingEnergy Address Book which is specific to each Portfolio.  You can add names to this Address Book through the Contacts Button, in the Work Area, when you have the Portfolio selected in the Portfolio Tree.


                                              Click Done when your changes are complete and you wish to save, or Cancel to discard your changes.  It is important to note that data is not stored in the database as you enter fields on the page.  If you navigate away from the page without clicking Done, the new values entered on the page will be lost.




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