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Standard Roles

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You can define your own custom Roles if necessary, but you will probably find the Standard Roles supplied with ManagingEnergy are enough to set the permissions for new users.

Rather than listing the selections of permissions against security domains, the table below lists some standard roles with Personas as a way to clarify the matching of roles against job requirements.

Standard Role

Description or Persona


Poindexter manages revenues, costs, and budgeting for a group of buildings.  He needs a system to produce annual budgets, using an iterative approach that considers prior year(s), conservation plans and targets, and expected utility cost escalation.  Through the year, he tracks actual financial results against those budgets.  He produces monthly and year-end financial reports for upper management, and within that process identifies exceptions and possible reasons.

Creation (and later reconciliation) of accruals is part of Poindexter's job.

Building Operator

Edna spends her workday at a single facility.  Although she is responsible to keep an eye generally on how energy is being used, it is not her primary role.  She spends most of her time keeping the building clean and dealing with tenants.

Edna is not highly trained in mechanical/electrical systems.  She receives notification when energy use is high, and will take a preliminary look to see if she can identify a cause and fix the problem herself.  Sometimes she will call the service contractor if the need is obvious.  But in most cases she calls someone else to decide what to do.

Construction Manager

Bill has to get prices from outside contractors, tell them what to do, check their work, and see that they are paid (or not).  To do his job, he needs to know all about the buildings, systems, and how they are operated.  He doesn't really have time for utility invoices and energy the time he's give a project to manage, that work is already done.  And it's also up to others to track energy savings afterwards.

Energy Engineer

Analyzing and improving energy use is Mary's full-time job.  She deals with building equipment and operations, finds and studies conservation opportunities, and writes reports to management.  She also studies energy trends to spot areas for close examination and to track the success of past conservation efforts.

Energy Manager

Nathan manages revenues, costs, and service delivery for a single building (group of buildings).  Energy cost control is one KPI used to evaluate his performance.  He needs quick access to energy performance information on the building group and individual sites.  He tracks energy projects during construction, and monitors the energy results afterwards.  He must be notified when there is a serious problem and must have the ability to drill down to get at details related to energy-using equipment, energy projects, and utility use.

Nathan makes broad use of system outputs, but he relies on others to get data into ManagingEnergy.  He works with the Accountant to reconcile energy outputs with financial outputs.

Environmental Officer

Richard is broadly responsible for  planning and costing corporate environmental efforts, and then communicating both the plans and results (at various levels of detail) to stakeholders.  Those stakeholders include the management team, employees, shareholders, regulatory bodies, and the general public.


Marty works for a mechanical/electrical contractor.  His job is to identify and sell retrofit projects in buildings, either in response to public tender calls or within the building portfolio serviced by his company.  So he spends a lot of time assembling cost estimates, using a combination of published data (such as R.S. Means Costing), company experience, and gut feel.  He adds contingency to cover risk and uncertainty.  The more information he has on existing conditions, and the better the description of the work required, the better his pricing will be.

Kiosk Browser

Christine is passing through the lobby of the head office at Acme Corp.  She has a few minutes to spare, and has noticed a public kiosk promoting Acme's energy conservation efforts.  She's interested to see how well Acme is doing with their energy management program in this building and at their other sites.  The display of real-time energy use is also very interesting.

Lighting Auditor

Christie is a technical specialist in the area of lighting.  She spends a lot of time on site, some of it interviewing site staff but mostly collecting room-by-room inventories of lighting equipment.  One the site work is done, she enters it into the system.

Christie sometimes has to add or edit records in the master component and retrofit lookup tables, applicable to her building portfolio.  She does not have the authority to change the default component and retrofit records that apply to all portfolios.

Lighting Librarian

Martin has the job of updating and adding to the default component and retrofit lighting lookup tables that apply to all portfolios.

Opportunities Librarian

George contributes to the master library of conservation opportunities by adding, editing, or removing entries.  He has sufficient domain knowledge and experience that he is considered an expert in his field.  He receives feedback and input from system users, normally Energy Engineers and Energy Managers, and uses it to improve the Opportunities Library.

Portfolio Administrator

Robin is the main point of contact between her organization and the ManagingEnergy delivery organization.  She is responsible for doing anything that could change the subscription terms, including upgrading the subscription, and adding or removing facilities.  Robin sets up new users with the appropriate privileges when necessary.

Savings Insurer

Oprah's company is guaranteeing savings on an energy performance contract, and she is responsible to see that the project stays on track.  Each month, she reviews savings vs. expectations and identifies exceptions.  She is regularly in touch with the Esco Project Manager, especially if there is a sustained savings shortfall.

Service Dispatcher

Donna works for a mechanical/electrical building service contractor.  She schedules dispatches trucks and technicians, either to investigate and make repairs in response to service calls, or for routine maintenance.  Before dispatching a truck, she has to gather as much information as possible from the customer and do as much screening as she can to determine the proper response (e.g. who to send, and how soon).  When dispatching, she provides the technician with as much relevant information about the situation, the site, and affected equipment as she can.

System Administrator

The system administrator is a technical employee of Managing Energy Inc. who manages the service.  That includes adding data sources and portfolios and making changes in response to Help Desk incidents.

Top Executive

John is running a big company with lots of buildings.  He sets objectives and oversees performance at a high level, drilling down only when he sees exceptions (high or low).  He relies on his team to take care of the details.  When things are going off the rails, he needs to be told as quickly as possible.  He needs to be able to spot the top performers and under-performers in his building portfolio and on his management team.  And he needs to know if he's getting the expected ROI on his energy efficiency investments.

Utility Invoice Clerk

Claire receives invoices from  utilities, and it  is her job to get them into the system accurately, whether they arrive as paper or in some electronic form.  She also has to resolve discrepancies or unusual invoice charges, getting the utility providers to either make corrections or provide reasonable explanations.

Web Developer

Ronald is a software developer who creates integrations between ManagingEnergy and other systems.  He makes use of the published Web Services, the API, and associated documentation.

If these standard roles are not sufficient, the Subscription Administrator for your organization can create custom Roles.


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