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Assigning Facility Groups

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Facility Groups are used to group similar buildings for on-screen filtering or reporting.  The groups in this list are defined using the button on the bottom of the facility information screen.

Assigning Groups to a Single Facility

To add a facility to one or more Facility Groups, navigate to the Facility Node in the Facility Tree and click Edit Facility.  Then pick the Groups tab.  The groups will be listed with a check box beside each one.  If you need to assign only a portion of Facility floorspace to a Group, follow the instructions below

Assigning Facilities to a Single Group

To add one or more facilities to a Facility Group, navigate to a Group Node in the Portfolio Tree and pick the Group Members tab in the Work Area.  When the Add Facility box appears, begin typing the name, part of the address, or facility code in the Facility field.  ManagingEnergy will provide a list of matching facilities to chose from.  The list will narrow as you type, and you can stop typing any time to pick from the displayed list.  To get the full list of facilities, press the space bar twice.


                                    The Fraction of Area box is a number between 0 and 1 that allows you to stipulate that only part of a facility is within the Facility Group.  This applies to facilities shared between departments or with other organizations, or where the use is split between functions that will be reported separately.

Where no value is entered, the default is 1 (100%).


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