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Data Context

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Features permitted and available to a User are defined through Role Assignments.  The Data Context (or scope)  of those permissions is also specified within the Role Assignments.


                                                                 A user can have several Role Assignments, each one allowing particular functionality for a particular set of Facilities.

Data Context

Data Context determines which level of the Data Source that the Role Assignment applies to.  This can be the entire Data Source, a Portfolio, a Facility Group, or a single Facility.

Venn Diagram of Data Context Model

Venn Diagram of Data Context Model

Facilities reside inside Portfolios which resides within Data Sources.  A single Data Source can contain an unlimited number of Portfolios within reason, and a Portfolio can contain several thousand facilities.

Facility Groups are optional smaller collections of facilities within Portfolios.  They are used to categorize Facilities for easier setup, logical reporting and security management.  Facility Groups can be defined geographically, by cost center, by department, or in any other arrangement that reflects the enterprise.


                                                             Facility Groups are not exclusive.  They can overlap, meaning that a particular facility can be a member of more than one Facility Group.  This capability provides flexibility in the way enterprise energy data can be rolled up for visualization.  It also allows for simple and logical navigation of large Portfolios.


A Database can be as complex as thousands of Facilities inside of hundreds (or thousands) of Portfolios.   It can also be as simple as one Facility, within one Portfolio within the Database.

Each subscriber to ManagingEnergy is provisioned with a single Data Source, so most Data Sources contain only one Portfolio.  Multiple portfolios are used most commonly to separate the data for the clients of a single service provider.  The service provider is provisioned with a single Data Source with the subscription to ManagingEnergy, and each of their clients has a separate Portfolio.


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