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Moving an Account

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  rev. 2011-04-21        

If an Account has been attached to an incorrect Facility, it can be moved from one Facility to another either on its own or with meter(s) attached.  If only the account is to be moved, then it must be disassociated from the meters before the move process is initiated.  If the meters need to be detached from the account, select Edit Meter, then Account,  and remove the account information.  Click Done.

To move an account, select the account from the Facility  in the Facility Tree, under the Accounts & Invoices tab. Select Move Account. A search box appears to match facility details against text entered into the search box.   The matching fields include Facility Code, Name, Street, Phone, Account Numbers, and user defined Alternate Identifiers.  As text is entered, a list of possible facilities will populate the pick list.  Select one for the move and then click Done.

Note that the account can only be moved to another Facility within the same Portfolio.  If it has been attached to a Facility in a different Portfolio, it will need to be removed and recreated under the correct Facility.

To move a meter but leave the account in place, please see Moving a Meter.

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