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Floor Area Changes

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  rev. 2011-02-14        

Floor area is tracked as a changeable Facility Variable with a series of entries.  Each entry includes a Start Date (when it becomes effective) and an End Date (when it changes to another value).

When a facility is created, the list has only one entry, from Past to Present (i.e. encompassing all dates)

There are two ways to record a change in floor area:

1.Change the floor area through Edit Facility.  ManagingEnergy adds the new floor area entry to the list, using today’s date as both the end date for the last entry and the new start date for the new entry.
2.Change the floor area through the Facility Variables button.  Pick Floor Area from the Facility Variables list on the left, then the Actual Values tab.  Add new entries from there.  You would also use this method to change an effective date created by the first method.

Energy intensity and other reports make use of the floor area in effect during the reporting period.



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