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Lighting Retrofits

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Select any facility in the Facility Tree.  In the Tasks Area you will see a region with two buttons dealing with Lighting Retrofits.

Apply Lighting Retrofits

The first button, Apply Lighting Retrofits, opens the form where the user (someone with lighting system knowledge) selects and tests payback results for lighting system replacements and upgrades.

Each lighting survey record taken from the building can be compared against any of a long list of pre-defined lighting retrofits.  Lighting retrofits can be applied and tested one at a time against lighting survey records or quickly applied to many records using the Group Retrofit dialog.

First, select a lighting survey record from the list using the Show/Hide option.  The form then displays current record contents within a Survey Details box.  Create a Retrofit by adding a Lighting Design, and then fill in quantity and operating hours for the retrofit. Select Add Retrofit to compare costs.

If you are new to the process, the retrofit codes will be a bit confusing.  The naming convention is available for download in the Help Desk.  It will become more familiar as you use the system.

In most cases there will be one retrofit record (or no record) for each survey record, but in some cases there may be two or three required.

It is not necessary to apply a retrofit to every survey record because some lighting will already be efficient and up-to-date.  Lighting in other rooms may be on for very short schedules, making any retrofit payback unattractive.



Make sure that Lighting Labour Rate has been set, so that labour costs are correctly included in the costing. The Marginal Rate will also need to be set up in the Meter properties as well.


After satisfying yourself that you have chosen the right retrofit, move on to the next survey record using the Show/Hide option next to it.  Repeat the process until all records have been examined.


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