IconEnergy Audit Report Guide
IconWhy this Guide ?
IconWhat is an Energy Audit?
IconWhat is Energy Accounting?
IconReport Structure
IconExecutive Summary
IconInterpreting This Report
IconUtility Invoice Analysis
IconUtility Meters
IconMeter Modeling
IconMeter Baseline Equation
IconAnnual Comparison Graph
IconConsumption Baseline Graph
IconConsumption vs Degree Days Graph
IconOpportunities and Scenarios
IconIndividual Opportunities
IconAppendix A - Floor Plans
IconAppendix B - Utility Bill Analysis
IconBaseline Model Setup
IconBaseline Model
IconAppendix C - Lighting Summary
IconLighting Survey
IconLamp Naming Convention
IconBallast Naming Convention
IconFixture Naming Convention
IconRetrofit Descriptions
IconPayback Analysis
IconAppendix D - Existing Building Systems
IconAppendix E - Opportunity Details
IconBuilding Savings Tables
IconFinancial Analysis Table
IconOpportunity Detail Reports
IconEmissions Savings by Opportunity
IconRetrofit Schematics
IconAppendix F - Photos
IconAppendix G - Savings and Costing Calculations
IconOpportunity Savings
IconOpportunity Costing
IconEnergy Management Terminology
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