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Emissions Savings by Opportunity

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  rev. 2011-07-04        

Burning fuel or consuming electricity has an impact on air quality.  ManagingEnergy contains the background coefficients for calculating emissions (air pollution) by fuel type.

In the case of electricity, which is generated by various means (hydraulic, coal, nuclear, wind, natural gas, etc.), the impact on air quality is not easily calculated.  The mix of generating sources varies by jurisdiction and also from one year to the next, so a kWh consumed in one state or province may produce more emissions at the generating station than a kWh consumed in the next state, or in the same state five years ago.  The factors for calculating emissions for electrical generation, by jurisdiction and by year, are also stored in the central ManagingEnergy database.

This table takes all of that background information and combines it with the savings for each opportunity to create this report on emissions savings for a scenario.  Appendix E contains one of these tables for each scenario analyzed.

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