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Individual Opportunities

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  rev. 10/29/2010        

Opportunities are described individually within the scenario report sections.  The text descriptions are subdivided into Existing Conditions (a description of the existing situation and problems that could be improved), and Retrofit Conditions (recommendations).  The text is a summary suitable for management review.  It does not provide technical details of the analysis, which would make the body of the report bulky and hard to read, but relies on appendices C, D, E, and F to provide the technical detail.

Financial details are not written here either, but are also provided in the appendices.  Detailed savings and costing calculations appear in Appendix G.  Financial summary reports, including breakdown by scenario, are provided on the first pages of Appendix E.

Opportunity Codes

Opportunities are assigned identifying codes within the ManagingEnergy  system, in the order in which they were initially identified by the energy audit team.  Opportunities are reported in the order that they would be logically implemented, which doesn't necessarily match the order in which they were identified and analyzed.

Interaction of Opportunities

It is important that savings calculations for an opportunity consider any interaction with other opportunities, otherwise savings projections can be exaggerated.  As an example, suppose that there was one opportunity to put time controls on office lighting and a second opportunity to convert the same lighting to a more efficient technology.  The savings for each opportunity, considered in isolation, cannot be added together if both opportunities are implemented.  Our standard is to calculate savings for any opportunity assuming that opportunities previously reported have already been implemented.  In our example, savings from the technology upgrade would assume that the time controls had already been installed, so calculations would be made on the reduced lighting schedule.

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