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Appendix D - Existing Building Systems

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  rev. 2011-07-04        

This section provides information on the existing mechanical systems and equipment surveyed by the site auditors.  It starts with overview information (contact names, building size, zones and occupancy schedules...) and then moves to details on systems and components.


Missing Information

ManagingEnergy provides many blank fields to gather just about any relevant information that can be collected on site.  For any particular situation, there will be fields that do not apply.  They will appear blank on these pages.  Similarly, there will be information that the site auditors just cannot find (e.g. when a nameplate is missing or painted over), so those fields will also be blank.

We do not take extraordinary steps to gather missing information that has no material impact on the analysis of opportunities.  We do investigate further when a critical piece of information cannot be found on site.

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