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Toilet and Urinal Replacement

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  rev. 2008-12-07        

Existing Conditions

The toilets <and urinals> are mostly all original, and consist of tank urinals <flush urinals>, tank toilets, flush valve toilets.  These fixtures are old and consume excessive amounts of water.

Retrofit Conditions

Modern low-consumption fixtures are designed as direct replacements for older fixtures.  They use significantly less water without compromising performance.  When they first came onto the market, low volume toilets developed a reputation for poor flush performance.  In response, the industry has developed a rating process and the problems have been overcome.

We recommend:

•  Replacing all existing toilets with new low volume (6 litres/flush) or dual-flush toilets.  <Savings and cost estimates in this analysis are based on low volume toilets.>

•  Replacing all existing flush valve urinals with low volume or waterless urinals.  <Savings and cost estimates in this analysis are based on low flow urinals.>

Further Benefits




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