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Replacing Faucets and Taps

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Existing Conditions

This building is fitted with conventional compression taps with rubber washer seals.  The taps are often leaking and require frequent replacement of the seals, indicating that the valve stems and seats are worn out.   The fixtures need replacement.

Retrofit Conditions

Replace the existing fixtures with washerless models to reduce leakage and eliminate wearing of the most expensive parts.  When these fixtures develop leaks, which is much less frequently, the repair is a simple cartridge replacement.  A new cartridge restores the unit to "like new" operation.  The main components wear very slowly, so the lifespan of the fixture is longer.

We do not recommend sensor-activated faucets in commercial applications, as they have been shown to create more water use than standard push-top or swivel taps.

Further Benefits

Maintenance labour decreases due to the increase in fixture lifespan.

The reduction in wasted water lowers municipal water and sewage service costs.


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