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The ManagingEnergy Building Opportunities Library is a resource for building owners and energy specialists, to help with preparing facility energy audits.  It has been created over the past decade with contributions from many practicing engineers and energy auditors.

The entries are grouped in subject areas.  Each entry contains generic text in structured content categories  that can be cut and pasted into energy audit reports.  The text will normally need to be edited to suit the circumstances.


This Public Version is a sample, with fewer entries and less detail than the other versions.




Managing Energy Inc. and it’s partners and affiliates (the  Content Providers) make no specific representation as to the suitability, applicability, or reliability of the content in this library for any particular purpose.  The content providers make no warranties, expressed or implied.   Users of this library do so at their own discretion and assume all associated liability and risk.


** Are you a practicing energy analyst or engineer who would like to share your experience with the community? Contact Managing Energy for more information.

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