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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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  rev. 13/06/2011        

ManagingEnergy is delivered online as a service, using the latest Web 2.0 technology, and this brings tremendous advantages to users.  First, all you need is a PC with a web browser and an internet connection.  No hardware, no software, no waiting for features and update disks, no backup and security concerns.  In short, no IT support hassles !  With the broadest feature set in the industry, and by far the lowest cost of entry, it’s hard to go wrong.

Web 2.0 Community

Equally importantly, as a subscriber, you become part of a network of like-minded individuals.  Our support staff is always available through online forums, and you have access to our evolving library of energy management opportunities and guidelines.  Should you need it, our sister company, Efficiency Engineering Inc., is on hand to provide energy and building systems expertise built up over 20 years in the business.  Some of their staff have been investigating and designing energy solutions since the early 1980’s.

ManagingEnergy is part of the growing transition from installed systems to Software as a Service.  It provides all of the benefits that make web-based solutions so compelling.

Easy user interface with rich graphics and intuitive navigation.
Can be customized for your enterprise, with corporate branding, fonts and colors.
Continuously being improved with more and better features.  No upgrade disks.  No long waits for needed features - if a feature makes sense, we add it quickly.
Download your data to common file formats at any time, such as Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF.
Security trimmed to specific user roles.  Each user can see only those parts of the system relevant for their job.  Some users will only view reports, others will enter billing data, others will use the analytical features.  Safely share information with outside service providers (service contractors, energy auditors, equipment vendors ...) without revealing anything inappropriate or sensitive.
Place your own user help text, right on the screen.  Provide custom guidance to your users.
Consume third-party web services, like the GIS map navigation or integration with the Energy Star building scoring system.
Brand all areas of your interface with your corporate graphics, colors and fonts.  Get custom reports and data entry forms added quickly and economically.  If you are a property industry professional, deliver ManagingEnergy to clients as if it was your own, with none of the development effort or support concerns.

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