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Emissions Modeling

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  rev. 22/12/2010        

Environmental Benefits

A major benefit of an energy management program is the reduction in emissions air pollutants.  The goal of the Energy Management Plan is to serve this societal objective while saving utility costs in the client's buildings.

As we strive to reach environmental objectives over the next decade, polluters will be obligated to pay for the right to pollute, by buying credits on an open exchange.  Emission trading is well established in Europe and trials are under way across North America.

ManagingEnergy can be used to project and track CO2 SOx and NOx reductions due to energy conservation.  When emission trading becomes a reality, those organizations with a solid system for demonstrating actual savings will be in the best position to benefit financially.  Facility owners with a solid information base will very likely be able to claim the emissions saved at the power plant, and sell the associated credits on the exchange.

Similarly, the ability to demonstrate compliance with Kyoto Protocol targets will depend on reliable data.  Because ManagingEnergy can model a base year on any historical data set (including the Kyoto Protocol baseline year of 1990), it provides a straightforward and proven way to report on your progress towards compliance.

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