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  rev. 15/06/2011        

In the Meter Path box, double-click on Owned then select the meter below that.

Choose Quantities KWH, then Current.  That should be the default, so you likely don't have to change anything.

On the time bar below, use the red sliders or the arrows at each end to pick the calendar month.  Unfortunately the system will not allow you to pick more than 31 days.

Click the button for Save the Data as a Local File.  Save it with the appropriate name and a *.txt extension.

Pre Processing

Open with Excel and save as a *.xls file to prepare for import into ManagingEnergy.  Do not save as a *.csv or *.xlsx file, as we have had problems with date interpretation when this file format is used, depending on how the user's Windows operating system is configured.  Testing has shown that this process properly interprets and stores potentially ambiguous dates.

Testing of Regional and Language Options under Control Panel.

English (United States) - short date format for July 9,2010 is 7/9/2010 - works well
English (Canada), European Union - short date format for July 9,2010 is 09/07/2010 - works well
French (Canada) - short date format for July 9,2010 is 2010-07-09 - works well


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