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Utilismart Energy Manager

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  rev. 15/06/2011        

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You will be shown a list of facilities.  The system allows you to download data for only one facility and one month at a time.

The steps are:

1.Pick the facility.
2.Settlement Report near the bottom of the left menu.
3.Data Table on the tabs at the bottom.
4.Pick the month in the pulldown at the bottom  right, then GO.
5.Download bottom left tab.  Pick Open from file download menu.  A new file will open in Excel which is not yet saved to a disk file.
6.Remove any spreadsheet rows above the column headers and below the last hourly reading for the last day of the month.
7.Save the file as a *.xls file (not as *.xlsx), naming it in a way that identifies the month and the meter for later identification during import.  Recommend naming it using the form Interval Building/Meter Name yymm.xls.  An example would be Interval Kingston City Hall 52388 1009.xls  for Kingston City Hall, meter 52388 Sept 2010 interval data.  In the most common situation where there is only one interval meter at the site the meter number could be omitted.




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