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Union Gas MyAccount

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The website is


There is an option to download PDF copies of bills from this site, and the details are more reliable and complete than the csv download detailed below.

Bills & Payments upper level tab

Select desired Bill Date from the column at the left

PDF will automatically open in another tab of the browser. Save to temporary location and enter manually into  import spreadsheet.


Invoice Download Process

Compare My Bills upper level tab

Download All Data lower level tab

Download Type = Billing Data (csv file format), Detailed Data

Select Date Range for calendar month

Select All Accounts

Start Download and wait for the progress bar to complete.  With a big data dump this could take a couple of minutes because MyAccount is reaching into the Union Gas billing system.

You will see a message "Your data has been downloaded. Please click here to open the file."  Click on the Link and Save the file to a temporary location for Pre Processing.

Pre Processing

The *.csv file format is tricky to work with because it creates the possibility that ambiguous dates can be misinterpreted during processing.  Follow these steps to prevent this error.

Method 1.  Run Excel from your Windows Start Menu. Do not click on the csv data file that you've just downloaded.

Data menu - Get External Data - From Text

Pick the file

Import, Delimited, Next, Delimiter = comma, Finish

Method 2.  You can follow a similar process by double-clicking on the file to open it, then running Data - Text to Columns on the first column.

For either method, save as a *.xls file to prepare for import into ManagingEnergy.

Testing of Regional and Language Options under Control Panel.

English (United States) - short date format for July 9,2010 is 7/9/2010 - works well
English (Canada), European Union - short date format for July 9,2010 is 09/07/2010 - works well
French (Canada) - short date format for July 9,2010 is 2010-07-09 - works well


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