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Rental Suite Electrical Submetering

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

Each suite in this building has its own circuit supplying electricity for in-suite lighting and appliance use.

There is only one electrical meter for the entire facility.  With a single meter, it is impossible to know exactly where the electricity is going, so there is no way to charge tenants fairly for their usage.  Although all tenants ultimately pay more when energy is wasted, there is currently no economic incentive for an individual tenant to reduce his/her own electrical consumption.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend installing utility grade submeters on each suite, connected to a central system  and managed by a specialist contractor, to allow for accurate monitoring and tenant billing.  There is a body of research showing that accurate metering and cost recovery in a multifamily building can reduce suite electrical use by as much as 30%.

Further Benefits

Frugal tenants will no longer be subsidizing


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