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High Efficiency Domestic Water Heater

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

This facility has high DHW use for <showers> <kitchen> <laundry>, with heat provided by <electric heater tanks> <atmospheric heater tanks> <atmospheric boilers>.

Retrofit Conditions

The existing <heater tank> <boiler/tank combination> should be replaced with one or more <AO Smith Cyclone> <Bradford White EF Series> condensing heater tanks. This system operates at over 90% seasonal efficiency, and has been proven effective even in hard water areas.

The savings come from <substituting expensive electric heat source for a less expensive source (natural gas).  Electricity is approximately three times as expensive as the equivalent heating value of natural gas.> <greatly improving the heating efficiency (from 55% to 90% efficiency).>


Further Benefits




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