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Condensing Heating Boiler Installation

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Existing Conditions

A copper-tube atmospheric boiler/boilers delivers hot water to the heating system.  The boiler temperature is/is not presently reset with the outdoor air temperature with a maximum operating temperature of xxx°F.  The existing plant is old / is designed with low capital cost in mind.  This type of boiler is a low first cost item, but is expensive in long-term energy consumption.  The low water volume in the boiler results in very short firing cycles and resulting startup inefficiencies.  Relatively thin insulation and the atmospheric flue contribute to very high standby losses.  The overall efficiency on a seasonal basis is around 65%.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler to carry the base load in the winter and the entire load in the spring and fall.    We recommend Mach designs from Patterson-Kelley because:

They provide the highest efficiency available in a boiler.
They come apart easily for service.
They fit through a standard doorway, for easy retrofit.
They have a high turndown ratio.
They can operate over a large flow range.

A proposed schematic is included in Appendix E: Savings Opportunities.

Further Benefits




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