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Condensing DHW Boiler Installation

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  rev. 2008-12-07        

Existing Conditions

This facility has high DHW use for showers and cafeteria, with heat provided by the steam plant in the winter and an atmospheric boiler in the summer.

Retrofit Conditions

The existing boiler should be replaced with a high efficiency condensing boiler. This system operates at over 90% seasonal efficiency.  A regular atmospheric gas boiler will have a heating efficiency between 45% and 65%.

We recommend an IBC Technologies VFC high efficiency boiler because:

It is less expensive than most condensing boilers / heater tanks.
It constantly monitors and adjusts the fuel/air ratio.
It has an integral pump that cycles based on a call for heat.
It has a stainless steel heat exchanger that is potable water capable.
It is very compact.

This recommendation is in accordance with Section 7.6 Service Water Heating Systems of the ASHRAE Standard on Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings.1

Further Benefits




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