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Gas Fired Humidifier in Air Handler

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Existing Conditions

Air handling unit xxx has a xxx kW electrode steam humidifier.  Electric humidification is the traditional way to humidify a building space, but is very expensive compared to more modern methods.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend installing a natural gas fired humidifier.  These humidifiers introduce steam into the air stream, in the same manner as a electric units, except that heat is supplied by less expensive natural gas.  Installation will involve supplying natural gas to the new appliance and making proper arrangements for introduction of combustion air and venting of flue gases.

ref: Neptronic SKG

ref: Neptronic SKG

Further Benefits



Application Details

When replacing an existing electric system, the three most important physical details to be taken into account are the natural gas supply, combustion air supply, and venting of flue gases.  Adequate space for service access is also very important.  Our site investigation indicates that there are no particular physical obstacles to providing either gas or combustion air, and that flue gases can be vented close enough to meet manufacturer's guidelines.

Issues and Concerns

As with electric humidifiers, the condition of the source water is important to prevent scaling and subsequent repair.  Water mineral content should be tested and considered in the design, and will often dictate water softening and/or filtration.  When the design is being prepared, exact requirements and warranties against costs due to hard water must be discussed with system suppliers.






Cost savings will be based on the relative costs of electricity vs. natural gas.  Assume 75% efficiency converting gas to steam.


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