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Fan System Heat [Enthalpy] Recovery

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Existing Conditions

Heating, cooling and ventilation are supplied by xxx air handling units.  Some areas (xxx, xxx, and xxx) have very significant ventilation requirements, so the incoming ventilation air is exceptionally costly to condition.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend installing <a cartridge-style reverse flow air-to-air heat exchanger> <an enthalpy heat wheel> on the following air handling units:

•  AHU-xxx

•  AHU-xxx

These heat exchangers can exhibit up to xxx% efficiency during the heating season (sensible and latent heat recovery), and xxx% during the cooling season (sensible recovery only).

Technology Choices for Air to Air Heat Reclaim

Technology Choices for Air to Air Heat Reclaim

The installations require ductwork and control modifications and should be carefully designed to ensure they will be effective.  The designed must consider increased fan pressure requirements and the resulting increase in fan motor energy.

Building operators must be prepared for regular heat exchanger cleaning to sustain effectiveness and prevent fouling and air flow blockage.

Heat Wheel

Heat Wheel

Further Benefits



Application Details

Assuming most appropriate for makeup air systems with matching exhaust nearby, or recirculatory systems with large ventilation requirements, such as hospital operating theatres.

There is a wide selection of configurations and material options available in the market.  Designers should be ready to spend time talking with suppliers and evaluating options.

Issues and Concerns







Assuming that the supply air flow can accept the heat available in the exhaust stream, expect to recover 80% of sensible heat, and latent heat according to the technology under consideration.


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