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Ballast Naming Convention

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  rev. 2008-01-10        

The ballast name is built up from:

Lamp technology + lamp wattage + "x" + number of lamps + "v" + voltage (where not 120) + starting option (where needed) + other notes (where needed) + ballast factor (where needed)

Lamp Technologies

Lamp technologies are the same as for lamps, with the addition of:

lvi = low voltage incandescent (step-down transformer)

Starting Options

Starting options apply only to fluorescent ballasts:

is = instant start (best efficiency but a bit shorter lamp life)
rs = rapid start (lower efficiency but longer lamp life)
dim = dimmable ballast

Other Notes

Other notes apply mostly to fluorescent.  Standard magnetic ballasts are assumed where not specified:

m = magnetic
es = energy-saving magnetic
el = electronic

Ballast Factor

Ballast factor is a percentage of a reference for fluorescent systems.  Lower ballast factor indicates that the lamps are driven at a lower wattage and will also produce less light.

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