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The Weather Database

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  rev. 04/05/2011        

The weather data database (<%WEATHERDB%>) database contains all the weather information that is used by the ManagingEnergy application.  It contains two separate types of weather data.  NCDC current weather data from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and WYEC2, typical mean year data from ASHRAE and Environment Canada.  The mean year data is used to generate a typical year of weather information whereas the NCDC weather data is used to run comparisons against existing conditions.

Table Name



Is a listing of all of the weather data available for the NCDC type.


This table contains all the available NCDC weather stations.


This is the actual weather data for the WYEC2 weather data type.


This is a listing of all of the WYEC2 weather data stations.

We are currently getting our ongoing weather data from NOAA at  The process is fully automated and can be run at any frequency up to once per day.  It is explained in the Customer Support knowledge base.

Other Weather Data Sources

There are other weather data sources, both commercial and free, for both historical data and forecasts.  They include:

NOAA National Digital Forecast Database.  <mthomas: 2011-May-04> sent a question asking if there was any forecasting for locations outside of the U.S.  The answer was "No, only the area NOAA has forecast responsibility for. There are no plans for us to issue forecasts for locations outside of the U.S."


The Weather Network.

NASA.  Download from:

NASA List of services:



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