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The Administration Database

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  rev. 19/10/2010        

The administration database (<%ADMINDB%>) database contains information that is global to all ManagingEnergy databases installed on the current server. There are several tables in the database and they are listed here with a brief description of their purpose.


Table Name



This table is used to collect information about errors that occured in the application or when certain events happen in the application.


This table is not used anymore and is only present to serve legacy application versions (UMAS)


This table is the complete list of MEC application users.  It contains information about the type of user they are and the database the user is allowed to access.


This table stores information about how long a user has been logged on of either the application or webReports.


This table contains a listing of MEC database names and a user friendly name for them.  This friendly name is used by webReports to auithenticate users against a database.


Used as the reply forum for support cases.


User support calls are detailed and listed in this table.


Contains information about client companies.


Lists the number of hours billed to each client.


Listing of all the products we provide support for.


This table contains records of how many support hour purchases a client has made.


This table lists all the reports available to clients and some additional information about where the reports appear in the webReports system.


There are also many stored procedures that allow you to select, insert, update and delete data from these tables.

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