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Voiceover Recording Tips

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  rev. 26/05/2010        

Tip 1) Use USB microphone

You can use many different Microphones for recording, but stay away from analog and webcam microphones. You will get better sound quanlity using a USB contact because the USB signal is digital.

Tip 2) “You talk what you eat”

What this somewhat cryptic statement means is that you are affected by what you eat before your recording. Stay away from sugary foods and even more important, drink a lot of water. Very important - drink between takes too to keep on being hydrated.

Tip 3) Stand up and breath

It’s easy to forget to breath when recording your voice overs. Standing up while doing your voice over recording also helps a lot to open your diaphragm.

Tip 4) Talk with your whole body and smile

Talk with your whole body. Gesticulate with your arms and smile, believe it or not people will hear if you smile.

Tip 5) Distance to mic

Do you want a close and intimate feeling? Then move up just next to the mic. You want a feeling of speaking more to the group, then move away a bit. Talk louder! A related tip – be in a quiet environment, very important.

Tip 6) Use your head voice

You can direct your voice through your lips, throat or now. Chris recommend that you direct your voice out through your head. Let it flow upwards.

Tip 7) Use a script

Write down what you are going to say.

Tip 8) Practice makes perfect

Practice your script a couple of times before going live.


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