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Tracking Video Status in JIRA

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  rev. 18/05/2011        

Within the ManagingEnergy project in JIRA is a type of issue labelled Video. This issue type is to help track the status of video production, and to help keep the videos updated online.


Video has its own workflow set up within JIRA.  When a Video issue is created, it is automatically associated with this workflow.  The steps within the workflow are as follows:

Need Identified - The topic has been identified as needing a video but work has not begun on it.  Before moving to the next stage, the topic is broken down as necessary into chunks of roughly 5 minutes in duration each.  Each of these smaller videos would be set to the status of Draft Script in Process.  If the need changes, this can progress directly to Closed.

Draft Script in Process - At this stage, the videographer is in the process of writing of the script.  No recording has been done.

Draft Script Ready for Review - The videographer has finished the draft script, so it is ready for review by a content expert, who reviews and makes edits.  The content expert normally moves the edited script forward as a Reviewed Script.  If the content needs significant rework, he or she passes it back to the Draft Script in Process stage with relevant comments.

Reviewed Script - The content expert has reviewed and edited the draft script, and it is now either ready for recording or in the process of being recorded as a Draft Video.  Once the Draft Video is complete, the videographer uploads it to YouTube and indexes it within the Video Player on the Managing Energy website.

Draft Video - A Draft Video has been loaded to YouTube and the Video Player on the website.  It is now available to the outside audience, but still needs to be reviewed by a content expert for completeness.  One area of attention will be the appropriate level of business context.  The content expert reviews the draft video and sends it in one of three directions:

1.Update Required (minor changes needed)
2.Approved (all OK)
3.Closed (removed, no replacement needed)
4.Draft Script in Process (removed, needs to be rewritten and replaced)

Update Required - The Draft Video has been flagged as needing an update to either the video or script, as detailed within the issue.  At this point the videographer makes the update changes, uploads to YouTube, fixes the Video Player as necessary, and sets the issue status to Draft Video.

Approved - The video that has been updated and uploaded, and is considered a current version.  Training videos become obsolete with time so they need to be reviewed and refreshed periodically.  To accomplish this, all Approved videos are reset to Draft Video status once they have been at Approved status for 6 months.  This prompts an update cycle.

(There is a filter in the Videos Overview dashboard can be used to track videos that have not been updated in 180 days (called 6 month check). A subscription to the filter can be created from within the filter in the Issues screen in JIRA.  Click on the down arrow next to the name in the Issues tab, then select Manage Filters.  Choose the filter you wish to subscribe to. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a menu titled Operations. Under that is a link for Subscriptions. Select this, and then Add a subscription. If you select Personal, it will be sent only to you. You can then schedule the frequency you would like the filter checked, and whether or not you want it emailed to you even if it is empty. )

Closed - The topic has become irrelevant to the application and has been removed from the site. It is considered closed, and no more work will be done on it.

Jira Dashboards are available for viewing the video names and their various statuses.

Roles and Workflow Steps

The videographer should be scanning for videos in the following states:

Need Identified
Draft Script in Process
Reviewed Script
Update Required
Approved (to revert to Draft Video when active time has expired)

In addition to identifying new video needs, the content expert should be scanning for videos in these states:

Draft Script Ready for Review
Draft Video


There is also a field for identifying the Area of the  application which the video belongs to.  These areas are currently defined based on the tabs in the Video Player at This can be selected from a dropdown menu in the issue setup or editing screens.

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