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Provisioning the Easy Way

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  rev. 18/06/2012        

A properly-completed Provisioning Workbook defines the structure for a new portfolio, including the facilities, utility accounts, and meters.  Rather than typing in the details through the MEC user interface, get the client to populate a spreadsheet, then import those details in a single step.

Sample provisioning workbooks are located in \\devserver\Storage\MEI Files\MEC Map Importer\Provisioning Workbooks.  Provide the client with the blank workbook with the *.xls extension (which includes active macros).  When you get it back, inspect it for obvious errors and save it with the *.xlsx extension, without macros.  The MEC_Map_Importer tool, described below, will only work with a macro-free workbook.


The MEC_Map_Importer tool located in \\devserver\Storage\MEI Files\MEC Map Importer is used to upload provisioning workbooks.

Step 1. Your Active Directory user account must have access to the database.  The fact that you can run  MEC doesn't ensure that, because all MEC users run through a proxy account, with user security handled within MEC itself.

Step 2. Edit Connection.config in the MEC Map Importer directory to make sure you are connecting to the right SQL server.  Note: Settings.config contains some parameters which would have to be changed if we move off the configuration at the EEI office in Cambridge, ON.  For now it should not change.

Step 3.  Run MEC Map Importer.exe

Step 4.  Log in using MEC username/password

Step 5.  Select the file using the ‘…’ button

Step 6.  Select the datasource

Step 7.  Choose importer ‘MEC Meter Map Importer’

Step 8.  Click ‘Import’. It will take a few seconds to start, but you should see progress messages in the large text area as the import goes along

Adjusting the Meter Map

After you have imported, but before adding documents or utility bill records, have the client check the navigation structure.  If they misunderstood assignment of names and the account/meter relationships, this is the time to correct them.  First, select the portfolio node in the MEC navigation tree and delete the entire portfolio.  Then have the client modify the provisioning workbook as they would like it, and you import the new version.  The process is pretty easy, so it's not a big concern if this cycle has to be repeated once or twice to get it right.

Error Situations

Get the system admin to give your AD account direct access to the database.

This is most likely to happen if the user has been simplifying account numbers.  Do not accept account numbers that are clearly made up.  If you encounter this problem, you must find the conflict then change either the existing account number or the incoming account number.  First identify the facility that created the problem, by looking at the error message.  Get the account numbers for all accounts in that facility.  Then search for the account numbers in the UI, as shown below.

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