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Custom Theming

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  rev. 23/06/2011        

The ManagingEnergy user interface can be modified to a client's brand (images, fonts, colors) by changing the Theme.  Themes are defined using cascading style sheets (*.css files) which are located under the application directory /App_Themes subdirectory.

The full directory is \\appserver2\inetpub\wwwroot\ManagingEnergy\Production\\v2\App_Themes.

Internet Explorer 6 does not conform to normal page layout standards, so you will see that some themes have an second equivalent theme for IE6, indicated by the -IE6 at the end of the theme directory name.

Starting a Custom Theme

Begin a new theme by copying an existing recent theme directory and renaming it.  Don't use the Default theme because it includes extra content that is not required for a custom theme.


Edit the graphics in the Custom subdirectory.  The main logo in the upper left corner is logo2.gif.

Text and color schemes

Changes to text and colors are in the zcustom.css file.

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