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Ontario Ministry of Education

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  rev. 06/12/2011        

The Ontario Ministry of Education is sent a monthly data archive on DVD.

1.Copy an updated backup of the database to DEVSERVER (need developer permissions)
2.On DEVSERVER, run the command line tool on DEVSERVER to produce the backup files: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hudson\jobs\Managing Energy (Release)\workspace\Applications\Windows\MECMD\bin\Debug\mecmd.exe" dbexport –datasource <datasource_name> -folder “C:\Storage\8012 - UCD\Exports” -user <username> -password <password>
3.Wait, this will take a long time.
4.Burn the resulting zip file from C:\Storage\8012 - UCD\Exports to DVD.

Once you have the file, use a DVD burning software like ImgBurn to burn the archive file to the DVD.  Mark the CD with the title "Ontario EDU UCD database archive".  Then mail it to Hong Xia Yu at the Ontario Ministry of Education.

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